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Teaching & Learning in Adventure Education

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What does it mean to be a highly effective educator This course introduces students to the intentional application of a variety of effective teaching practices applicable to a wide range of educational endeavors with an emphasis on adventure education settings. Particular focus is placed on facilitating cognitive and psychomotor skills development, increasing student engagement through the effective use of questions and discussions, formulating learning outcomes, planning lessons, and assessing student learning. Students gain practical experience in developing and delivering lessons through multiple peer teaching sessions where ample opportunity is provided to refine their skills as educators. Students also develop and practice the ability to give and receive meaningful, growth-oriented feedback. With this course as a foundation, appropriate subsequent courses for adventure educators may include The Art of Teaching, Curriculum Design, Learning Theories, Group Process, and teaching practicum courses.

Taught By


David Craig

|Emeritus Faculty of Undergraduate Programs



Forrest Schwartz

|Faculty of Outdoor Leadership